Top Highest Funded Kickstarter Campaigns

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There are certain websites that are set up in order to facilitate the collection of money for a certain cause. These websites will be registered and monitored by mediated registries. Projects are started by individuals or groups of individuals which are made to raise money from large numbers of people. This is a modern way of fundraising in comparison to the traditional system which can be carried out through benefit events and mail-order subscriptions. Here are some of the most funded projects through this system of funding company that were successful in the past few years.

Pebble Time the smart watch

This famous smart watch got its initial investments through the crowdfunding site in Singapore, “Kickstarter” in 2012 to get to where it is now. They managed to raise over a million dollars in less than an hour where as they had intended to raise only half the value. This gave them enough and more to get to where they are now in the market and they are currently improving the hardware as well as its interface and the battery life. It is a huge hit in the market and on the app store.

Introducing, the Coolest Cooler!

The individual who came up with this idea faced defeat in the first instance. However, after his second try which took a total of ten whole years in the making, his invention hit the jackpot on the crowdfunding site. He was able to raise a precise figure of $13,285,226. It remains the most invested campaign on this platform up to date. The invention is a cooler that has different units to store different things. It is one whole cooler that has a USB port, a bottle opener, waterproof speakers and a storage unit for plates, utensils and food. It comes in three different colors.

The best travel jacket in the world

The husband had always forgotten to bring his neck pillows when they were traveling. So the wife and husband thought up of a travel jacket that encompasses all the traveling necessities such as neck pillows, eye masks, gloves and blankets. This couple were able to raise a staggering nine million dollars in one go while their initial goal was to raise twenty thousand dollars.

The Exploding Kittens

This was a rather weird concept. It was a game introduced that involved explosions and laser beams and the killing of kittens and goats. Done in coordination with x-box, this game was backed by over 60,000 people and it was good to go.