Things That Cause Hearing Loss

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Ability to hear is one the senses and that fading away can be a scary thing. There are number people who are both young and old who suffers from inability to hear. There are many reasons and many things that cause in loss of this sense. The symptoms of losing this sense are tingling or ringing in the ears, fullness of the ears and occasion ally the pain the ears. Here are few things that cause inability to hear and how to prevent it.

Continuous exposure to noise at work

People who work in noisy environments can be suffering from hearing failure. Whether you work at a construction site, and airport, or in a factory constant exposure to loud noises can damage the ear drum. There is a certain frequency that human ears can handle and anything more or less than this for a long period can damage the ear drum. Ear drum is a soft tissue that vibrates when there is a noise and for you to hear it. So prolonged vibrations on the tissue can damage it. You need to take precautions to avoid this by using safety measures. Wear noise canceling ear phones or ear plugs. Or if this is not possible take a break every one hour and go stay at a quiet place for at least 10 minutes. If you have ear pain or ringing in the ears you need to go see a doctor for medication.

Severe accidents

Accidents such as falling from a height, explosions or simply motor accidents can cause hearing loss. Accidents can damage your body parts including the ears. You may think this is highly not possible. But if you fall from a height and hit your head on the ground it can out a pressure on the ear and can cause internal bleeding and damage the ear drum. Or if you are exposed to an explosion the loud and close noise can damage the ear drum. Sometimes this damage is permanent and sometimes it can be fixed through medications.

Inserting objects in to ear

Most people are used to using cotton buds to clean the ears. Most of the time parents do this to kids and this can make them do it alone. Inserting objects to ears can cause infections and damage to ear drums if inserted further inside. Most of the time kids tend to play with these things and they insert pens, pencils and various other things in to the ears and that can harm the ear drum. Same with adults who use pins and other objects to scratch the ears and one slip of the hand can damage the ears.