Postal Service Vs. Courier Service – Which One To Use When

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In this day and age, postal and courier services are rarely required as the internet has replaced almost all the functions performed by the postal and courier services. Where once we had to wait a couple of days to receive a letter or document, today it can be sent/ received in a matter of seconds via email. The speed and cost efficiency of internet is a threat to more traditional delivery services but people still make use of these for various reasons, not the least of which is to ensure authentic documents; the signature of a document sent via email can very well be forged, but a physical document that has been couriered or posted can be checked and verified. So which should you use when? Read on to find out.

Sending a Gift to a Pen Pal

Pen pals are a dying breed, along with those who write letters but if you are lucky enough to have one, then it can be a constant struggle over whether a birthday or Christmas gift should be posted or couriered to them. The courier service may be more reliable when it comes to fragile packages, but if your pen pal lives in another country, not even the cheapest courier services will fit into your budget.

In fact, the postal service is much more economical when it comes to snail mail abroad, and it has options that allow you to select more secure and faster delivery. So forget the cheapest courier services list you just made and go find a post office.

Sending Registered Documents ASAP

The post has a long history of mailing documents but nowadays, the post takes longer than a courier service because of lack of staff etc. Assuming that you are in a hurry to send/ receive a particular document, your best bet will be a courier service. Courier services rely on fast transportation networks and do not hesitate to deploy special delivery vehicles for emergency deliveries – something the postal service will not do. Some countries have Express Messenger Service (EMS) and registered post, which are watered down versions of private courier delivery services that are not as efficient or as fast, but is a cheaper option for you to consider.

Sending a Letter to a Friend

Hands down, the post office wins. Sending or receiving a personal letter today is mostly about nostalgia, as email and mobile phones have taken over the communication function of letter- writing thoroughly. The postal service is still dedicated to feeding that nostalgia by having postmen and envelopes and the sheer delight of tearing it open to read the letter within. Not only is the post extremely cheap, it is also fairly reliable for a simple letter; it’s only the larger packages that should be sent by register post or courier to ensure delivery. If it’s just a letter, go stamp that envelope and put it into the post box.