Planning A Surprise Party

Don’t let the cat out of the bag

Planning a surprise birthday party for a friend requires a bit more planning and skill than planning one for yourself. As you are planning a party for someone else, without being able to consult them on their preferences, you will have to make sure that you make allowances for mishaps and accidents as well as be very observant in order to gauge your friend’s plans and interests with regards to the birthday. Further, you will have to be discreet and make sure that no one lets the cat out of the bag in order to ensure that the surprise is a surprise indeed.

Draw up the guest list

Firstly, you will have to make sure that your friend has no other plans for the birthday. It would be quite disastrous if you have a party planned while your friend has made arrangements for a dinner. Therefore, verify that your friend has no other plans while being as subtle and discreet about it as you can, without raising any suspicions. Next you will have to decide who is to be included in the guest list. Here again, you will have to be sure that you invite all those who your friend will want present at the party. You can consult a bunch of other mutual friends as well as your friend’s family regarding this matter.

Get the food and décor ready

You will next have to look into ordering the food or getting the food made for the occasion. You will not be able to make anything at your friend’s house and hence you will have to make arrangements to have the food prepared elsewhere and brought to the venue at the right time. Similarly, you will also have to opt for a cake delivery service.

As you might not be free to pick it up as you will have to make sure that the venue is ready for the party, opting for a cake delivery service is advisable. Next you will have to see to decorating the venue. You can recruit the help of other friends to help decorate the venue. You can check party décor ideas online to get a few fresh and novel ideas on how to decorate a birthday party venue.

Bring your friend to the party

Finally, you will have to bring your friend to the venue of the party. This can prove to be challenging as you will have to come up with a plausible excuse to get your friend out of the house and to the venue of the party. You can ask your friend to come out with you for a birthday dinner or ask the friend’s family to take the friend out for a supposed dinner. Once your friend arrives at the venue, be ready to burst a few balloons, yell ‘surprise’ and get the party rolling!