Night Out With Your Office Colleges

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After a strenuous week, you might be waiting to run out of office with your colleges to the closest bar and dance the night off before heading to the weekend. However, if you are tired simply running into the same bar and having the same drinks, here are some ideas you could try out which are guaranteed to bring you much more enjoyment.

Troll the carnival

Carnivals are rare occurrences and are bound to be so much more fun with loud music and cotton candy. This is perfect way to gather up all your friends, get drunk and get in the Ferris wheel, or to sit down on the grass near the outdoor movie in Singapore set up at the carnival and share some cassava chips. Whatever it is the kids running around and the ultimate happy energy radiating from the people at the carnival is bound to make you and your colleges happy and be relaxed to face the weekend.

Roam the city in a limo

You are not required to go to a pub to get drunk and dance you can do so inside a limo! Call up an extravagant limo with a classy driver and comforts and you are ready to jump in and have an unforgettable night. Make sure to have good lights and good seats in the limo and make sure not to take too many friends as the ride will then be no different from the underground tube. Make sure you call up your closest friends and you get it on in the limo.

Hot spa and a grand meal

You might not be into alcohol and might be looking for a better way to relax and unwind. Make sure to pre-book the spa and Sauna with your buddies where you can sip a glass of luxurious white wine and share how your week went. After the spa you are bound to have a strong appetite so reserve a restaurant where you can enjoy your favourite cuisine and eat as you wish. This is a great way to relax before heading to the weekend.

Back to teenage nights

During you teenage, you would line up at theatres to enjoy shows on a daily basis, which went out of habit as your started working and being too busy. That doesn’t mean you cannot go back to the teenage life you once had. Check the outdoor cinema venues and the movie they are screening as at that date. The call your friends and pre-book your movie date. Make sure to order tubs of extra-butter popcorn and to get cartons or cold beer and gummy bears. You are a teenager just like that!

Gather at a house

If you are not having a lucrative budget, you don’t need to go to the bar or a restaurant when you can easily fit into a bachelor pad and share a great Friday night. Arrange the most convenient and the spacious house among your friends and each of you is responsible for food or drinks. Gather at his/her house with your responsible items and you are ready to party. This is actually a better option as it is much cheaper and you are free to do anything you want without people judging you. The best addition would be to run a BBQ while you sit around and talk about your new boss.