Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

Dogs are considered highly intelligent creatures, and even amongst them, there even more intelligent breeds that could help humans in their day to day activities, health issues, protection and even caretaking. According to studies, they have categorized the intelligence levels according to instinctive intelligence – that is its ability to perform a certain task, adaptive intelligence which is the ability to solve certain problems by itself and obedience. Given below are some of the most intelligent dog breeds.


These dogs have been working with humans since ancient times. They can be used as guardians, and even when working with heavy material. They can be used to work with police as well for they have a good sense of direction with smell. They are supposed to be very honorable creatures for they always put the master and the family first. A Rottweiler can show its strength and stamina especially when working and helping people with their day to day tasks. 

German Shepard

According to the ranking of most intelligent dog breeds, they rank to a number 3. They are the most initial ‘police dog’ and are used in many investigations. They can be trained to sniff out drugs and other substances. Often these dogs are not adopted as they grow older because they may seem rough and not gentle. But, if you are interested – you could always ask how to foster a dog from your local dog adaptation agency.

Labrador retriever

These fellows as pups are the most adorable creatures. They are very loving and loyal to their families while might come off as aggressive to others. They make excellent hunting dogs and said to have the ability to swim for very long distances too. If you are thinking of adopting a grown lab, you could just do some research as to how to foster a puppy. They are very good with children and are used as therapy dogs widely.


Although they may seem like fancy accessories, they are the 2nd most intelligent dog according to studies. This German breed is very popular when it comes to performing. They are very obedient and can be trained to do different activities. Although they may not look so fierce, do not let its appearance fool you, for they have even been used as hunting dogs back in the day.

Dogs are lovable creatures which have always stood by humans since the longest time. If they are taken care of with love and care, they too will reciprocate with complete and utter loyalty.