Keeping Your Wall Tiles Clean – Maintaining Tips

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When the festive seasons are arriving and you plan to do some cleaning to enhance the appeal of your home. You would be having frequent visitors and so, you want your home to look it best. Other than buying new fittings and repairing items, you could simply clean certain things. For instance on a regular basis, you should clean the bathrooms, kitchens, etc. as, there’s high traffic in these places. Moreover, depending on the floor, wall, etc. the methods for cleaning would differ. Returning to the topic, you might be looking for tips for maintain your ceramic wall and floor tiling. How could you clean it? What should you do and shouldn’t you do?

These tiles are usually installed and seen in the bathroom enclosing the washing area. On the other hand, these are installed for other reasons such as the following;

– For sanitary purposes
– Resistant to absorbing water and soap, etc.
– Resistant to absorb smells, due to the constant wet surfaces.

Maintenance tips

If you’re thinking that it easy and simple as cleaning normal slabs, you might want to rethink about it. Whether you have glazed or matte finished ceramic wall tiles, given the above, here are some tips for maintaining these types of wall tiles:

• Choosing the proper cleaning solutions

Just as you cannot use every type of cleaning solution on timber flooring, you should be careful about the solutions used to clean these types of tiles. Moreover, you should avoid solutions, which uses bleach as the main cleaning agent. This is applicable to cleaning tools that are hard and sharp. Additionally, it’s always best to test the solution in a corner and check if it discolors the surface.

• Leaving the solutions

Once you’ve selected the correct solution suitable for cleaning ceramic wall tiles, you should follow the instructions stated in the bottle. Most of the instructions suggest you to leave the solution for about 2-3 minutes before scrubbing and washing it off.

• Proper cleaning tools: soft scrub and sponge

In order to clean it without harming the surface of the slabs, you need some tool, other than the solutions. Therefore, the best tools that are used are a sponge and soft scrub. Using the sponge you could apply the solution and gently clean it using a soft scrub. As a fact, the grout doesn’t get damaged, as well as the surface of the tile.

Struggling to remove and wash away some stains from the walls? Make sure that you’re using the correct cleaning solutions and methods. Furthermore, with the help of these tips you would be able to clean it effectively. However, for best results, you should clean and maintain it regularly.