How To Shop For Organic Cotton Clothing?

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If you do not want to compromise on the quality of clothing you buy, it is best that you opt for organic cotton clothing. This refers to cotton fibers which are obtained from plants that are grown organically. The term organic varies from one country to another, but the general principles of pesticide and fertilizer free farming apply to all. Hence, this is a safe fiber to opt for, whether you are shopping for adult clothing or clothing for infants or children.

Casual wear

It is best to seek out organic cotton when it comes to casual wear. You could even get infant clothing as baby shower gifts made from organic cotton. Casual wear in organic cotton is easier to find as it is a material that gives comfort and offers several kinds of colors as well. Among all the natural fibers, cotton is one of the easiest materials to dye and that is true of organic cotton as well. It is necessary to ensure that the dyes used are not made from harsh chemicals, especially when you are looking at organic cotton items. Many organic cotton clothing manufacturers create clothing dyed from barberry, bloodroot, henna and indigo.

Formal wear

That does not mean that you will not find organic cotton among men’s and women’s formal wear. There are button up shirts that are equally available in this material. You can opt for crisp cotton shirts to be worn under suits and formal jackets. The collars as well as cuffs made of organic cotton offer a stiffness that is desirable and not found in other fibers easily. That is mainly because cotton offers a tight weave with a high thread count. Again, it also leads to soft baby clothing that can be included as baby shower gifts.

Pullovers and tees

Another range of clothing that one can look at is pullovers and tees that are made from organic cotton. The cotton used in these forms of clothing is knitted instead of woven as that offers a certain stretch to the material which is required on these forms of clothing. When knitting is done the fibers are separated when pulled and that provides elasticity to the fabric.


Cotton is a popular choice when it comes to shopping for sleepwear as well. Organic cotton used in the making of pajamas, bathrobes and nightgowns will surely be great comfort items to invest in for yourself or for someone you love. It is best that you get cotton sleepwear for your children, especially infants as the material offers breathability and comfort as well as offers anti allergenic properties.