How Smart Meters (SM) Work

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There is a new wave of technology that has come up to make the meter readings of gas and electricity to be digitally monitored. SMs are installed in each wherein this new meter digitally sends all of your readings directly to the supplier of energy. These meters come with interactive monitors that give you an insight into how much energy has been used and are supposedly going to give out much more accurate bills as opposed to the old meters that households had. SMs are going to be replacing the old meters that still use technology of the yesteryears. With new initiates and protocols set into pace, households in countries such as, United Kingdom and New Zealand, should all have this new technology by 2020.

How it works

All the readings are going to be automatically and securely sent through a national communication network, to the energy supplier. The estimated energy bills will be put to a stop and now bills will be given out for the actual amount energy that has been used. Each and every household will now have to either give out their own readings which can be clearly gauged through the installed monitor or get a designated meter reader to come and read the meter for them.


During the smart metering conference in UK, the benefits that SMs provide were discussed. Some of them include, the accurate bills households will receive, which means there will no longer be any estimated bills. SMs also provide each and every one real time information on the energy usage, which will clearly show them how their way of living affects the amount of energy used. The era of SMs is a small step forward towards achieving a big goal, in being able to create a smarter grid allowing the provision of low-carbon and constant supply of efficient energy for the years to come.


The installation of the SMs do not cost a cent to install, since the installation process is taken care of by the energy supplier, although the costs of maintenance similar to the previous meters are covered by the energy bill that you pay. As for the tariffs, according to speakers at the smart metering conference, will be competitively set by the energy suppliers by carefully analyzing the energy data collected.

Ability to switch to a different supplier

Even though you have installed your SMs it doesn’t necessarily bind you to one particular supplier, which means you have the ability to change the supplier whenever you prefer, and the supplier will be obligated to accept you without any hesitation.

This process of change is going to have to strictly adhered to in the future, so why not switch to SMs now and start getting used to them.