How Many Drinks To Buy For Your Party

Throwing a party for whatever occasion requires a few stipulated things. Food, drinks, some entertainment and usually a few people in the background. The food and the drinks at a party are the two things that can make your party a success or a complete flop. Running out of either of these things before the party comes to an end is considered a big no-no in the party world. Just like calculating how much food will be required, it is necessary to plan the right amount of drinks for the party that are needed.

The questions you must ask yourself is, what type of party you are going to host, and whether it’s an outdoor or an indoor party. It is also important to identify how many adults and children are in the guest list, how long the party is going to last for, and whether you yourself will serve the drinks or get a bartender to handle it. These factors are key to calculating the amount of drinks required. Given below are a few tips you could to take into consideration when calculating the amount of drinks you need.

The adults

It depends on what kind of beverages these adult guests are interested in consuming. This does not necessarily mean that your party has to have all the different kinds of drinks each and every guest prefers, but rather the beverages should go hand in hand with the type of party and menu which has been set in place by you. If it’s a fancy dinner then go for wine and spirits, if it’s a games night, then purchase beer online in advance or run to the store and stock up, or if it’s a casual get together, whip up some cocktails to get the alcohol and juice flowing together.

You can opt to have a fully functional stocked bar if a bartender is being hired, but if you are planning to take up that role then, you may not be able to enjoy and have fun at your own party. Think of having a mix of beverages. Frantically running to the store to get all the drinks will be an unnecessary thing to do. Buy beer online for the men and women out of college, wine for the older crowd and if you’re on a tight budget, a bottle of vodka to make a larger bowl of punch to serve all.

The children

Children are much easier to cater to. It does not take expensive alcohol to satisfy them. A stock of a few juice boxes, some fizzy drinks and plenty of water will do the trick. What you have to remember is not to put out all the drinks at the same time. You have to make sure that one bottle is empty before the other is opened. It would lead to a chaotic cleanup if that were to happen.

No matter how perfectly you plan and organize there is bound to be times when a particular popular drink among the crowd starts running out quick. This is why you should never round down. While following the above tips, always round up the numbers so that you will be confident about having enough drinks for all your guests.