Giving Your Best Friend The Trip Of A Lifetime

If your best friend is just about to tie the knot to the man of her dreams and you are the bridesmaid, then it is your duty to start planning well ahead to give your best friend, the bride, the day of a lifetime, one that she will never forget for the rest of her life. Get together with the other bridesmaids and try to collect some money in order to give your beautiful bride a trip to an exotic country such as Malaysia or Singapore. There are many ways that you would be able to do this. You may either pool money yourself or you may get together with the groomsmen as well and pool money as a group so that you may all go together as the entire bridal party and have separate parties when you reach your destination.

Start planning well ahead

In order to throw the perfect party, you will need to start planning at least a few months ahead. Start looking online for places to throw a bridal shower in Singapore has many beautiful hotels and locations where you will be able to host the bridal shower as well as an after bachelorette party for your best friend. You will need to decide whether the party is going to consist of only you and the other bridesmaids along with the bride or if you will be inviting some of the bride’s female relatives to come along with you as is customary for a bridal shower.

Depending on the personality of your best friend you will need to decide whether you will be choosing to have a wild hen’s night or bachelorette party or if you would be choosing to have quiet bridal shower. Singapore has many happening night clubs and bars if you choose to have a wild bachelorette party styled party for your best friend.

If you choose to go on your trip with the groomsmen and the groom as well you may as well have a combined party for the bride and groom as a combined bachelor bachelorette party. Today times have changed and customs are very different. It is not customary for grooms to have bachelor parties where they have wild nights with their friends and hire strippers. Today couples are closer and more trusting of each other, where having a wild night such as the above would be considered someone cheating on your better half and therefore couples prefer to have their parties with each other and the best friends irrespective of how wild it is. Click this link for more information about foot reflexology in Singapore.