Culture And Customs In Southeast Asian Countries

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When you are relocating to any country in Southeast Asia like Indonesia, Malaysia or Singapore, you need to know certain customs and traditions that are inherent in these places. Every country has a dominant religion or community besides which there are other nationals who also live and inhabit these regions. Knowing the general customs and traditions that are accepted and followed will help to adjust to working in such a country.

Knowing the ethnic makeup

The ethnic makeup of the locals needs to be known in order to understand the customs and beliefs that are followed. It also defines the dress codes, local customs, greetings and cuisine habits of the people. For instance, if you are moving to Singapore, this is a country that is dominated by the Chinese population. Many corporate relocation services advice that, anyone can learn the dominant language of the region in order to be able to converse with the locals and to understand the basic greetings and general exchange of words.

Social makeup

The underlying social norms of a region need to be understood to know the basic values that individuals hold. That is pertinent even in a workplace. For that reason, corporate relocation services often provide training or overview courses of a foreign culture and tradition in order to help employees who are moving from one region to another. For instance, in a country like Singapore, the underlying social norms follow group concepts, and harmony as well as mutual security rather than focusing on the needs of individuals.

Respect of culture

Every region has its social makeup and culture. For instance, in a place like Singapore, the people usually respect the family and see it as the place that one goes to for support and this defines the core values of the nation. Maintaining dignity and self-respect by good manners and values is seen to be important in all transactions. When one comes from a different background, it is necessary to understand these subtle norms that might not be written down. However to gain respect and acceptance among locals, understanding their values and culture is important.

Finding related information

There are several resources that one can find about local customs, traditions and culture of any country on the internet. Hence, if you are looking to relocate to a Southeast Asian country you need to be prepared by knowing the required background information about the country you would be moving to. Understanding their history, the ethnic makeup and social customs is important before you start interacting with locals at a workplace as well as living among the locals. It is also necessary to understand the local laws and regulations of the place.