4 Ideas For Maintaining An Office

Are you looking for ideas to maintain a clean and tidy space? We spoke some experts in interior decorating and maintaining offices to get an idea on how offices can be maintained to the expected levels of standard. An office space should not only be a space for generating income, it should be a serene location that enables employees to work with a peaceful mindset. Here are some ideas and tips on how to maintain your work space!

Informing People

The first and foremost step in maintaining a neat and tidy work space, is to create a culture within the working environment that intends on keeping the place clean at all times. You have to keep the people informed at all times. By initially creating such a culture, it is not a hard task to continue the mindset. Make sure to get the people to keep their own space clean always which will finally keep the entire place clean and tidy. You can also implement a system like the 5S system which will ensure that office is in order at all times.

Cleaning Services

You should also ensure that the work place is swept and cleaned daily. The washrooms should also be washed and cleaned at least twice a day if there is an employee count of over 20 persons. Especially if it is a service office where there will be regular visits by customers, you need to ensure that the working environment is very clean and tidy. You will need to hire a person who is truly committed to getting the job done in a timely and effective manner. It is common belief that hiring a manager is simpler than hiring cleaning staff. So make sure to get a good person to do a good job.

Special Areas

The vital areas like the Board Room or Meeting room should be in very good conditions at all times. Since, as a business you may have to suddenly entertain customers or suppliers. They may have visited you before or it may be their first time visiting you. Whatever the case, they should be entertained in a corporate area which looks beautiful and is in order. So the Board rooms should always be in order. Another vital area is the lobby area. As it is the first place anyone sees when he or she enters your work place, it is another space that should be maintained at all times.

Employee Responsibility

The responsibility of maintaining the office in a neat and orderly manner should not only be shouldered by the employer(s) and the maintenance staff. But it should be made the responsibility of each and every employee. Keeping the office neat and clean should be incorporated within the office culture. As said before, all the employees should be aware of the cleaning system in place and make it their own responsibility. Only then an office would be in order at all times.