3 Amazing Weight Loss Health Tips

The calorie-counting diet is no more. Weight loss goals have drastically changed since the “all fats are bad” days. Nowadays, healthy habits are considered far more important than not buttering your toast. However, with all the conflicting health information out there, it is extremely hard to discern between what’s actually good for you, and what an outright hoax is. Here are some tried and tested health tips for those who are looking to lose weight and not gain it right back soon:

1. Drink better water

You could say all water is the same and provides our bodies with the H2O it needs. But, is it, really? The mineral content in water varies depending on the region it is sourced from. Here what we are concerned is about the added benefits you can get with water. Still drinking filtered tap water? You can certainly switch to water fortified with vitamins to get extra nutrients in your diet. Electrolyte-enhanced water is highly recommended now for fitness buffs. Alkaline water advantages are also well known among weight loss experts. So, ditch your regular water, and pump it up with enriched water.

2. Combine potassium-rich foods with workouts

Just like alkaline water benefits, the perks of potassium for muscle building are now well known among researchers. However, consumers and regular exercisers are slow to adopt a diet rich in potassium. This mineral is vital for muscles to begin the rebuilding process after being exerted through rigorous exercise. Therefore, while you need to include essential amounts of potassium in your diet, you also need to eat something rich in potassium after a workout to help the recovery process. The ability of your muscles to absorb potassium gradually starts to decline soon after the first 15 minutes following a workout. That is why you need to eat a banana or some butternut right after that 30-minute cardio session.

3. Do not be hungry between meals

You probably already have done the math—less calorie consumption equals faster weight loss. Not quite. While controlling calories is important, you also need to consider what leads your body to store excess fat. Mainly, hunger prompts the body to create fat, because the body interprets hunger as a lack of food availability. Meaning, you need to eat between regular intervals to keep your metabolism rate up so your body does not go into the “store fat” mode. Do not skip meals, and eat on time. Basically, follow what your grandma said about eating and you will reach your weight loss goals faster than most.

The above are only a few essential tips. Follow them and you will be well on your way to a healthier and happier future.